Budgeted Weddings

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Wedding Planning/Coordination

This Package is suitable for customers who have already planned their weddings and done final payments to All the suppliers and comfortable with all the last minute work involved with the wedding and who needs a Coordinator to look after the Wedding Day with a Proper time Schedule and perfect Execution.

We will be coming for the final Discussion with the Hotel/Florist/Celebrant. We will also conduct a Church or function hall rehearsal to make the family more comfortable with the Wedding Day Activities.

This Package is suitable for customers who have already planned their weddings, but need a Coordinator one month before the wedding to help in completing their work, Do the final payments, coming for the final discussions with the Bridal Dresser, Dress Maker, Photographer, etc. and plan the list of activities up to the wedding and smoothly execute them. We will also coordinate any last minute changes in the Information with the suppliers. We will also help the couple to prepare the Guest List.

All services under Wedding Day Coordination package is covered in this package.

This Package is suitable for customers who have only paid advances to Hotel, Bridal Dresser, Dress Designer, Florist etc and need a Wedding Planner to book the remaining suppliers and plan the Wedding from there onwards.

This package will cover the Entire Wedding planning starting from location selection to Budget and Theme Wedding Planning. This package suits the Busy Professionals living in Sri Lanka or couples who live abroad and wants a Wedding Planner to plan everything for them within their budget. We will always work with the wedding Professionals that the customer prefers.