Why Hire Us?

1. Well-Coordinated Weddings

We maintain a very close customer-supplier relationship and we make sure that all parties know when and what will happen during the Wedding Day, so that the wedding vendors will always know what is going to happen next.

2. Industry Experience

Our Wedding Sri Lanka started in the year 2007 as the First One Stop Shop for Weddings in Sri Lanka and later moved to focus more in the Wedding Planning business. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in Sri Lanka and around the globe. So we know the customer expectations with changing times.

3. First Company in Sri Lanka to Organize the Riskiest Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Since we have handled the riskiest wedding in Sri Lanka up to date, we are confident that we can handle any type of risky weddings, Theme Weddings, Luxury Weddings, Celebrity weddings, bespoke weddings, large destination weddings etc,

4. Trusted Partner for many Couples

We have earned the trust of our customers who recommend us to their friends and families.

5. First Choice for Destination Weddings in Sri Lanka

With our global recognition as the preferred wedding planner in Sri Lanka to plan and manage destination weddings, we are the first choice for many foreign wedding couples.

6. Precise Time Execution

With the feedback we got from many wedding venues, wedding professionals and customers, we are proud to say that we are probably the only wedding planner in Sri Lanka who can precisely execute the Wedding Day Schedule on time.

7. Reasonable Charges and We can work with Any Budget

Started with the revolutionary “Wedding for Just Rs 100,000” package in 2007, we can manage any customer budget. With our low overhead costs, we can give more benefit to the customer for reasonable charges.

8. Good Network with Industry Professionals (Partners) and Discounts

With our long term relationship with our partners, we can give more benefits and discounts to our customer especially with the Wedding Privilege Card.

9. Extra Ordinary Thinking and Innovative

We think beyond the borders and comes with extra-ordinary ideas !!

10. Handled Lot of VIP /Large Weddings

We have planned and Coordinated lot of VIP weddings, weddings of film stars and renowned professionals in Sri Lanka.

11. Unique Wedding Privilege Card which gives lot of Offers to Customers

Another First in Sri Lanka by Our Wedding Sri Lanka, which creates more and more new services and offers for our values Customers.